Turkey and flowers Name place-card Printable

Even before food is served , your table will look beautiful with these cute free printable thanksgiving place cards that I have crafted on my computer. Click on the image to download the template and write the name of each guest to personalize these cards. Fold these from center and place on table. Your thanksgiving guests will love it.

Funky flowers and turkey

This is a cute design with colorful and funky flowers and a Turkey. A perfect design for kid’s table.
Turkey and flowers Name place-card Printable

Thanksgiving Place Card

Another charming card with a cute turkey and tree in fall colors. Perfect for kids.
Colorful Place card printable for thanksgiving

Free Printable Pace Card

This design is perfect for adults as well as kids. Write the name of your guests with colorful glitter markers to add fun and charm.
Thanksgiving place card

Autumn Leaves

An elegant and charming card with colorful Autumn Maple leaves.
Place Card with Autumn Maple leaves

Fall Leaves

Another adorable place card with beautiful autumn leaves.
Autumn leaves place card printable

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