Free Printable Birthday Party Favor Tags

I have made some cute and free printable birthday party favor tags templates that you can download for free. These adorable favor tags can be used on birthday parties, graduation parties and also on baby shower parties. You can not only use these to decorate your favor bags and baskets but also as place cards or as colorful tea tags. Feel free to use these tags in any creative way you like.

Free Printable Birthday Party Favor Tags

An adorable set of tags with a colorful and funky birthday cake. These cute tags can add splashes of colors and charm in any birthday party.

Free Printable Birthday Party Favor Tags

Birthday Cake and Flowers Tags

Another cute set of free printable tags with birthday cakes and flowers in the background. Cool and serene green color in background makes these tags suitable for both boy and girl birthday parties.
Colorful Birthday Party Favor Tags

Birthday Gifts Tags

These cute tags are decorated with cute birthday gift boxes and these tags can also be used on any other parties than birthday.
Birthday Favor Tags

Cupcakes Tags

This is my most favorite set of free printable tags with cupcakes and cute hearts in background.
Free printable birthday party Favor Tags

Flowers and Daisies Tags

This set of favor tags is suitable for birthday parties of persons from any age group. These tags are decorated with daisies and adorable pink flowers and can also be used as wedding favor tags.
Birthday Tags Printable Templates

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