Free Printable Winter Activities and Puzzles


It is time for some winter fun so I have made some free winter Activities and Puzzles for you. These fun activities can be enjoyed by both kids and parents. These activities worksheets has fun and easy challenges for kids.

Free Printable Winter word search Game

A cute fun and easy winter word search game with winter related words which are easy to find. Hidden words can be find horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
Free Printable Winter word search Game

Free printable winter word scramble game

This fun and easy activity is an easy challenge that kids can enjoy. Unscramble the scrambled words and enjoy this challenging fun.
Free printable winter word scramble game

Free printable winter word mining game

See how many words can you make using the words given on these activity templates. This fun activity worksheet is intended to help kids with spelling practice in a fun way.
Free printable make words winter game

free printable winter activities

Winter Jigsaw Puzzles

Here are some free printable Jigsaw puzzles with two different snowman and a cup of hot chocolate. Paste the printed image on a card board and cut according to the lines given in grey. These easy to make pictures are suitable even for pre-school kids and I am sure they will enjoy these fun puzzles.
Free printable winter jigsaw puzzles

Free printable winter jigsaw puzzle

Free printable Jigsaw puzzle


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