Free Printable Spring Candy Wrappers with Flowers

Here are some free printable candy wrappers that I have made with theme of spring and flowers. These colorful wrappers can be used to wrap favors, candies and gums on baby shower parties, halloween, birthday parties or on weddings. Flowers add color and fun to any occasion.

Free Printable Candy wrapper with Red flowers

Wrap candies, mints, chocolates,gums or any party favors in this beautiful wrapper with red flowers.
free printable candy wrapper with red flowers

Wrapper with Sunflowers

Free printable candy wrappers with sunflowers.
Free printable candy wrapper with sunflowers

Wrapper with blue flowers

A very elegant design with blue flowers.
elegant candy wrapper with blue flowers

Colorful floral design

This wrapper has a unique and very colorful floral design.
free printable candy wrapper with colorful flowers

Another floral design with blue flowers

Click on any of these images and save the bigger image in your computer to print.
candy wrapper with beautiful floral design

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  1. Anita says:

    Please include a design for Mother’s Day candy bars. We’ve been passing them out for 3 years now and the ladies love it!!

  2. Graphics says:

    Sure Anita, I am working on designs for mother’s day now. What kind of design would you like to see? Any suggestions?