Free Printable Love Stencils


Here are some free printable Love Stencils that you can use in your crafts projects like card-making or you can use these to decorate walls, table cloth, bed-sheets or even T-shirts. Simply print these stencils images and cut the grey part out and your stencils are ready to use.

Free Printable Love Stencil

A simple stencil with word ‘Love’ written in it. You can use this stencil for your baby shower party preparations or for your valentine’s day crafts projects.
Stencil for the word love

Arrow and hearts stencil

This stencil will help you making the symbol of love on your walls or for your party decorations. It has two hearts and one arrow going through the hearts.
Arrow and hearts stencil

‘I love you’ stencil

A much needed stencil if your are crafty and in love. These magical words of I love you will make any crafts project very special.
I love you stencil


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