Free printable Summer Labels

I have created these free printable summer labels for your craft projects. Kitchen jars and all-purpose labels with summer objects. Print these cool printables in hot summers to have some chilling fun.

To download these labels, just click or tap on any thumbnail image and a bigger printable image will open up that you can print.

Free Printable Summer Labels with Flip flops

This is a cute girly summer printable labels set with a bright pair of flip-flops and some flowers on the top border.
Free printable summer labels with flip flops

Free Printable Summer Labels with Kites

It’s time to fly some high kites and also to decorate your gifts or kitchen jars and bottles etc with this bright, beautiful, and fun printable.
Free Printable Summer Labels with Kites

Sand Castle Free Printable Summer Labels

Beach fun is never complete without building a sandcastle. This beautiful printable with a cute sandcastle can decorate anything at your summer beach party.
Sand Castle Free Printable Summer Labels

Free Printable Ice cream Summer Labels

Kids love to have ice cream in summers and this cute label with ice cream and flowers will be adored by them.
Free Printable Ice cream Summer Labels

Free Printable Sunflower Labels

This set of Free Printable labels is decorated with sunflowers. It has a green border and a grey background.

free printable labels with sun flowers

Free Printable Labels with Fresh yellow lemons

Another refreshing design with a bright yellow lemon will make your summer crafts projects more lively and fun.
Free printable labels with fresh lemon

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