Free printable worksheets with basic shapes for preschool kids


Free Printable Shapes

I have made these worksheets to help kids with learning basic shapes. Circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle and trapezoid with vibrant colors can also be used for scissor training. Take a print-out and ask your kid to cut these shapes. Learning can be fun an interesting and reinforcement will help your kid to learn better.
square circle triangle oval trapezoid rectangle shapes

Free Printable Coloring Page with basic Shapes

This is a coloring page with same shapes as above. Click on the image below to download the bigger page. Every kid likes to color and I have made these shapes big enough so a preschool kid can easily color these with a crayon.
shapes to color, worksheet for preschool

Free Printable Tracing Page with basic Shapes

Another way to reinforce the concept of basic shapes plus polishing the writing ability is by tracing these shapes. I am sure your kid will love to trace these.
Shapes tracing worksheet for preschool


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