Here are some adorable free printable cute love cards that you can send to your boyfriend or husband to tell him that you love him so much and thinking about him all the time. As they say that “You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well.” So share that smile with your prince with these wonderful cards that I have crafted on a computer for you. These are perfect cards for Valentine’s Day.

Free Printable Cute Love Card for Him

This is a very cute love card with a teddy bear standing in her garden that represents love and romance and she is growing heart-shaped flowers all around her. The words say “Thinking about you”. Tell your boyfriend or husband, that thinking about him makes you feel as if you are standing in a garden full of love and hearts.

Free Printable Cute Love Card for Him

Free Printable “Be my Love” Card for him

This is a cute card with simple words to ask someone special to be your love. This adorable free printable card has a heart image and a lot of daisies make it even prettier.

Free Printable "Be my Love" Card

Free Printable “I love you” card with Cute Ladybug

This is an adorable free printable love card for him with a ladybug that has hearts on her instead of spots.

Free Printable "I love you" card with Ladybug

Cute Free Printable Love Card for Him

I love the colors and images I have made in this adorable card. A cute bird is sitting on a branch with a flower and the words on this card say that ” I am always thinking of you.” This is a perfect love card for him.

Cute Free Printable Love Card for Him

“I love you” card Printable with cute Spiders

This is an adorable Free Printable card that your husband or boyfriend would love for sure. It has two cute spiders on the web and the lady spider is chasing the male one and the message says ” I love you”. Share your message of love with him with this wonderful card.

"I love you" card Printable with cute Spiders

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