Free Printable Wild Animals coloring pages

This is the first page with free printable wild animals coloring pages for kids that I have made today. I’ll add all the jungle and rainforest animals to the rest of the pages. Teach your kids about different animals in the animal kingdom with this creative activity. Kids always enjoy to color and you can help them learn about animals in a fun way through these pages. In order to download a page, click on the image and a larger image will open. Right-click and save it or print it.

Free Printable Cheetah Coloring Page

Cheetah is one of the fastest running animals and I have made this page with a running cheetah. The cheetah print on the skin is a bit larger in size so your kid can color it easily.
Free printable coloring page with Cheetah

Bear and Honey bee coloring Page

This is a cute image of a bear and honey bee with some grass. Teddy bears are always loved by kids but you should also teach them about the ferociousness of wild bears.
Bear and honey bee page to color

Rhino or Rhinoceros

My daughter always calls it rhino as uttering the whole word is still difficult for her. She loved watching this animal at the zoo so I have made this image that you can also print for your kid to color.
coloring page for kids with animal rhino

Free Printable Camel Coloring Page

Camel is a desert animal and we always read in childhood that it is called the ship of the desert. This is a free printable coloring page with a cute camel.
free printable camel coloring page

Free Printable Lion Coloring Page for kids

The lion is the king of animals and this Lion image that I have made will surely be fun for kids to color with crayons or pencils.
Free Printable Lion Coloring Page


There is some difference between a crocodile and an alligator. This image that I have made is of a crocodile. The crocodile lives in water but again it is a wild animal.
Crocodile coloring page free

This is my second post with free printable wild animals coloring pages for kids. You can download Zebra, Giraffe, Monkey, Tiger, Elephant, and Deer coloring pages from here. I will soon be posting more images of jungle and rainforest animals but please also give feedback that which animals will you like to download from this site.

Free Printable Zebra Coloring Page for Kids

A free printable zebra with a cute striped pattern can be fun to color.
Free printable zebra coloring page for kids

Funny looking monkey to color

This monkey looks like my nephew and it is really cute. 🙂 Right-click on the image and save the bigger image in your computer. Kids will love to color this funny animal.
A funny looking monkey to color


A cute tiger with stripes.
free printable tiger coloring page


An adorable deer with big eyes and thin legs. Your kids will learn a lot about animals through this fun activity of coloring.
deer coloring page


My daughter loves to sing the poem ” The elephant is so big and fat” So I have made this cute , big and fat elephant for her to color and your kids can also enjoy coloring this friendly animal.
free printable elephant coloring page

Cute Giraffe

Giraffe with a big neck and cute dotted pattern. It can be colored with crayons or with pencils.
A cute giraffe to color

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