number 1 flash cards

On this page you can find some cute free printable Math flashcards which are specially made for preschool and kindergarten kids. These fun and colorful flashcards have adorable pictures to count and numbers written in bold and bright colors. Moms can use this activity to help their kids with learning numbers and counting. Right click on the images below the save the bigger picture. Right click and save that picture in your computer. You can print this on an art card paper or can paste on a card board sheet after printing.

One fish and One gift Box

Two different designs for flashcards, one with fish and other with one big gift box.
number 1 flash cards

Two birds and Two trees

Adorable math flashcards with number two written in green and cyan, two adorable birds and two cute Christmas trees.
Number 2 Math flashcards

Three turtles and 3 cups

Flashcards with number three cute turtles and 3 cups of hot chocolate.
Number 3 Math Flashcards

Four Trees and 4 ladybugs

Number four in green and blue, four adorable trees and flash card with four cute ladybugs.
Number 4 Math flashcards

Five honey bees and 5 kittens

Introduce your kid to number five with these cute flash cards. These have five honey bees and 5 kittens to count.
Number 5 math flashcards

Number Six Flashcards

Cute math flashcards for kindergarten kids with six blushing penguins and six teddy bears.
Number 6 math flashcards

Seven stars and seven smilies

My daughter easily learned to write number 7 and your kid will also enjoy counting with these cute flash cards with seven stars and 7 smilies.
Number 7 math Flashcards

Birds, ducks and number eight

Number 8 math flashcards

Nine hearts and nine flowers

Number 9 Math Flashcards

Flash cards with ten autumn leaves and ten spiders

Number 10 math flashcards

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