Here are 24 romantic love postcards that you can print, stamp and send to someone special. Sending postcard is an old fashioned way but it will be also unique and your love will be surprised upon receiving these adorable postcards which have meaningful love quotes and cute images.
Send any of these postcards on valentine’s day or any other day to make it special for your sweetheart.

1. Cute Love Postcard

A very cute postcard with a much more cute love quote saying “If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever”.

Cute Love Postcard

2. Postcard to say ‘I love you’

A very cute postcard with a teddy bear holding a basket full of hearts and a message that says “I love you”.

Postcard to say 'I love you'

3. Postcard to tell ‘I miss you’

A very cute sad kitty and a message that says “I miss you” makes this postcard sad and special.

Postcard to tell 'I miss you'

4. Free Printable Love Postcard

A postcard with quotation “You know its love when forever is not enough”.

Free Printable Love Postcard

5. Send a hug Postcard

Send a hug to that special someone with this romantic postcard with teddy bears.

Send a hug Postcard

6. Love Birds

Tell that special someone how you cherish every moment spent with him/her with this adorable postcards with image of cute love birds.

Love Birds Postcard

7. Love Postcard

Tell your sweetheart that you do not want to lose him/her with this cute postcard with an adorable bunny.

Love Postcard

8. We belong Together

A message to remind your boyfriend or girlfriend that both of you belong together.

We belong Together Postcard

9. Miss You

Postcard with a miss you quote that says ” Love is missing someone when you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.

Miss You Postcard

10. ‘It is Simple’ Love

A cute and simple way to say “I love you” to that special someone.

'It is Simple' Love Postcard

11. You make my Life Beautiful

A romantic, colorful and cheerful love postcard with text, “You make my life beautiful”.

You make my Life Beautiful Postcard

12. Postcard with Rose

Tell your long distance love that how much you miss them with this adorable card with a rose.

Postcard with Rose

13. Cute Love Postcard with Bunny

Tell your love that you want them in your life with this adorable postcard.

Cute Love Postcard with Bunny

14. Thinking of You

Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are always thinking of them with this adorable postcard.

Thinking of You Postcard

15. Romantic Postcard

Tell your love that you acknowledge what they’ve done for you with this romantic postcard.

Romantic Postcard

16. Send a message of Love

Say I love you with this beautiful postcard.

Send a message of Love Postcard

17. Owl Love you Forever

A cute postcard with a cute owl couple.

Owl Love you Forever Postcard

18. Love Birds

A postcard with a love tree with heart leaves and two love birds.

Love Birds Postcard

19. We belong together

Tell that special someone that you belong together with this beautifully patterned love birds postcard.

We belong together Postcard

20. My Love is Forever

Assure your love that your love is forever with this cute postcard.

My Love is Forever Postcard

21. Sending Love your way

Send love to the way of your sweetheart with this postcard.

Sending Love your way Postcard

22. Love

A very cute design and a message of love makes this postcard really romantic.

Love Postcard

23. Cute Puppy

Personalize this postcard by writing a message on this postcard with a cute puppy.

Cute Puppy Postcard

24. Postcard with colorful hearts

a simple yet elegant love postcard with colorful hearts.

Postcard with colorful hearts

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  • Oh my gosh! I am so in LOVE with every one of these postcards and will be printing out each one of them!These are better than any store bought card!!! Thank you, again!! You have scored another “hit”!!! Your talent/gift amazes me every time!!!

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