Free Printable Baby shower Labels with a cute duck

These are some cute free printable ducky duck baby shower labels that you can use on duck or ducky-themed baby shower parties. You can use these all-purpose labels on kitchen jars, bottles and also decorate your baby shower favors and boxes. You can also use these in any crafts that you are making to decorate your baby shower party. You can also use any items that are used for bubble baths to compliment this theme, like bathtubs. For party favors, you can give away bath salts, and bubble bath soap and decorate the containers with these adorable labels.

Free Printable Duck baby Shower Labels

Cute rectangular labels with a cute ducky duck.
free  baby shower labels with duck

Duck Baby Shower round labels Free Printable

Same design in round shape, that you can use for jar lids, bottles, or anywhere you may like.
free baby shower round labels with duck

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