It is best to start your preschooler off with pattern writing before jumping into the alphabet. Once they are done with that you can use these cute free alphabet worksheets that I have provided on this site from a through z. On this page you will find some free printable alphabet tracing worksheets with letter L and a leaf coloring page which are suitable for preschool and kindergarten kids.

Alphabet L tracing worksheets for Preschool

Color ink costs more than black and white,I have made non-colored worksheets. Moreover, your child gets an extra activity; in addition to doing they worksheet they can also color the page!

Lower Case or Small Letter L

Alphabet L tracing worksheet for preschool

Upper Case or Capital Letter L

free printable trace and color worksheet for preschool

Alphabet L tracing worksheets for Kindergarten

If you are looking to homeschool preschool your child from home or if you just want them to get a jump-start on their education, using free preschool and kindergarten worksheets is a wise choice. You can also use these worksheets to reinforce what they have learned if they go to a proper school.

Lower Case or Small Letter L

tracing worksheet for kindergarten

Upper Case or Big Letter L

free printable worksheet for kindergarten

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