Free Printable Love Birds Stencils

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Here are some love birds stencils that you can use to decorate cards for your love and also in your valentine projects. These stencils will create adorable silhouettes of love birds and you can make borders or prints on fabric with these stencils.

Free printable love birds stencil

This stencil will help you making silhouette of two love birds flying in the air and holding a branch with a heart in their beaks.
Free printable love birds stencil

Love owl stencil with heart

This stencil will help you creating a very cute owl and a heart. You can paint this stencil with a single color and then further decorate it with polka dots, lines or any other patterns that you may like.
love owl stencil with heart

Love birds and heart stencil

This stencil will create two delicate love birds with a heart between them.
Love birds and heart stencil


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