Free Printable Hearts Stencils


I have made these adorable hearts stencils today that you can use for any crafts projects. Hearts are suitable for every party decoration whether its a birthday party, a valentine party or a baby shower party. You can also these to create greeting cards or different tags and labels for any occasion. These hearts will look beautiful on walls and these will give a special touch to your kids room or bed linen. You can use these hearts just everywhere and anywhere.

Free printable heart stencil

A simple heart stencil, that you can print big or small by adjusting your printer’s settings and can use anywhere.
Free printable heart stencil

Two hearts overlapping each other

These very sleek and chic hearts can give anything a unique look whether its a tea cup or a T-shirt.
Two hearts overlapping each other

Hearts pattern stencil

These hearts make a beautiful pattern and you can use these to create a seamless pattern anywhere or can make beautiful heart borders with this stencil.
hearts pattern stencil

Big and small hearts stencil

This is another beautiful stencil with a heart pattern comprising of big and small hearts.
Big and small hearts stencil

Hearts border stencil

This is a perfect stencil to create vertical heart borders on walls or anywhere you may want to.
hearts stencil


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