Free Printable Birthday Stencils


Here is a set of free printable birthday stencils that I have prepared today. You can use these stencils in any way you like. Make birthday invitations or greeting cards. Paint birthday party room’s walls or paint the table cloth using these cute stencils.

Free Birthday cake stencils with candle

Cute free stencil printable with a picture of birthday cake with candles . Use dry brush to paint table cloth or sponge over wall. It will create a cute pattern anyway.

Birthday cake stencil printable

Cupcake stencil

A stencil with an image of flower and a cup cake . Repeat these to create patterns of your choice anywhere.

Cup cake and flower birthday stencil

Birthday Cake

Another cute birthday cake stencil .

Birthday Cake stencil

Cute gifts stencil

A stencil with pattern of gifts. It can be used on birthday, Christmas or any other occasion.

Birthday gifts stencil

Birthday Balloon stencil

Cute balloon stencil that you can print on some hard paper and use anyway you like . Create a birthday banner or greeting card, choice is yours.

balloon stencil

Flowers stencil for birthday

Cute flowers pattern stencil that you can use to paint linens , curtains or anything you like.

Flower stencil


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