valkentine themed number one math worksheet

Back to school season is going to start soon, so today I made free printable Valentine themed Math worksheets for number one to ten.  Kids can count the number of objects on each worksheet, color these objects and can also trace the number.

These cute worksheets will help preschool and kindergarten kids to learn counting in an easy and fun way.

 Free Printable number one count, trace and color worksheet

This is a really cute worksheet with an adorable teddy bear that is holding a heart in its hand and number one to trace.

valkentine themed number one math worksheet


Number two Math worksheet featuring two birds and two hearts

This is a really cute worksheet featuring two love birds and two cute small hearts that kids can color.

valentine themed number two math worksheet


Free Printable number three count, color and trace worksheet

This is a cute math worksheet with number 3 to trace and three roses to color.

valentine themed number 3 math worksheet


Number four Math worksheet

This is a worksheet with four cute hearts to color and number 4 to trace.

free printable number 4 math worksheet


Number five Valentine themed Math worksheet

A worksheet with heart shaped trees to color and number 5 to trace.

free printable number 5 math worksheet


Number Six Worksheet

Six flowers to color and number 6 to trace



free printable, valentine themed number six worksheet


Number Seven Math worksheet

valentine themed number seven math worksheet


Number eight Math Worksheet

number eight worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

 Number Nine Math Worksheet

number nine math worksheet

Number ten Math Worksheet

number 10 math worksheet

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