Free Printable Bunny Stencils


Easter will soon be approaching so I have created these adorable free printable Easter bunny stencils that you can use in your Easter related crafts projects, Easter greeting cards and in your Easter decorations. You can either paint the bunny in a single color or can add eyes and mustaches on it afterwards when paint gets dried.

Easter bunny holding a rose stencil

In this cute stencil Easter bunny is holding a rose in its hand. Spread message of love this Easter with this adorable stencil.
Easter bunny holding a rose stencil

Bunny and heart stencil

This is a stencil that will make a cute silhouette of an Easter bunny holding a heart shaped balloon.
bunny and heart stencil

Easter bunny and flower stencil

This stencil will create easter bunny silhouette that is holding a flower in its hand.
Easter bunny and flower stencil


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