Bookmarks Free Easter Printables

More Free Printable Easter Bookmarks

I have made some adorable free printable bookmarks today and I adore these myself. I’ll be looking forward to have your comments on these. You can print these cute bookmarks for yourself, kids or for anyone who likes reading books. To view the bookmarks I have made last year, visit this page.

Easter bookmarks with cute little chick

A cute little chick hatching from the eggs and so many flowers in the background makes these bookmarks a perfect give-away. You can print these on card stock paper and add a whole set or one bookmark in your Easter gift baskets.
Free printable Easter Bookmarks

Bookmarks with Easter Eggs

Another set of colorful free printable Easter bookmarks with Easter eggs. These colorful eggs with adorable floral patterns will be loved by everyone.
free printable Easter bookmarks with Eggs


Easter Bookmarks with cute bunny rabbit

This is another set of bookmarks with a cute bunny rabbit which is holding a big Easter egg. Cut the ear part of this bookmark carefully while you are cutting it around the edges.
free printable Easter Bookmarks with rabbit

Bookmarks with Easter Eggs

This is a very elegant set of bookmarks that will be loved by every age group. It has this very chic combination of pink and brown.
Free printable Easter bookmarks with Eggs

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