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28 Free Printable Christmas Washi Tapes

Today I made 28 free printable Christmas Washi tapes that you can download and use in your personal crafts projects and to decorate your planners and journals. I have made 7 free printable washi tapes on each sheet of paper so paper wont get wasted. You can print these Christmas Washi tapes on sticker paper and also on plain paper and paste on your crafts projects with the help of a glue stick.

You can print these Washi Tapes on any A4 size sheet and use a paper cutter and ruler to neatly cut these around the edges.

28 free printable Christmas washi tapes

These tapes are in two formats, PNG and PDF. If you want to save the PNG file, click on any of the washi tape sets, a bigger image will open up and you can right click and save it. If you want to use the PDF then I have given the download link to PDF files below every image as well.

Please read terms-of-use before using these Washi tapes .

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Free Printable Christmas Washi Tapes [ Set 1]

printable christmas washi tapes

This is the first set of free printable Christmas washi tapes. I have made these tapes in different widths and I have used images of ginger bread man, Christmas Tress, Snow Flakes and Christmas Stockings. You can download the PDF  of this set here. 

Christmas Washi Tapes [ Set 2]

Washi tapes for Christmas

This is the second set of these Washi tapes for Christmas and I have used images of owls, snow man, gifts, Christmas trees and Teddy bear. You can download the PDF here.

Printable Christmas Washi Tapes [ Set 3]

free printable washi tapes

This is one of my most favorite sets of these Washi tapes, in these tapes I have used images of Christmas stockings, Santa, owls, Bells and candy canes. You can download the PDF file here.

Printable Washi Tapes for Christmas [ Set 4]

washi tapes for Christmas

This is the 4th and really cute set of these tapes with a Christmas Chevron Pattern, gifts, and snow man images. Download the PDF file from here.

If you like my tapes, and if you are intending to use these in your projects, please do not forget to leave a comment.

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Here are the links to all the 4 PDF files again.



9 thoughts on “28 Free Printable Christmas Washi Tapes”

  1. Oh, I just love these! Thank you so much for taking the time to do these! My planner is going to look so beautiful for the Holidays!!!

  2. Thank you so much for all you do!!! It looks like you are a very busy and talented girl!! I really love the purple and teal owls for christmas…I am doing “December Daily” and those are the colors I want to use!! I have a Facebook group for it..Project Life December Daily 2014 & on

  3. I did print out the washi cause I have a old predated planner i am going to reuse in a different manner and am thinking the washi will help out covering up the dates.

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