Christmas Printable Games

Free Printable Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Here you can download some cute Free Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle templates. Print these adorable pictures, paste on a cardboard and cut according to the pattern given in grey lines. You can use these cute puzzles as Christmas Party favors or can print for your own kids to keep them busy in this fun Christmas activity.
Each Jigsaw puzzle is comprised of nine pieces, so it is easy for younger kids to assemble and enjoy.

Christmas Tree and Snowflakes

Playing with this cute Jigsaw puzzle with blue background, colorful Christmas tree and Snowflakes will be surely enjoyed by cute little kids on Christmas.
Free printable jigsaw puzzle game for Christmas

Elf and Gifts

Assembling pieces of this Jigsaw Puzzle will make a cute little elf and a lot of gifts.
Free Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle template

Cute Santa and Christmas Tree

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree and Santa Claus make this Jigsaw Puzzle a charming an adorable game to play.
Free Christmas Game of jigsaw


Christmas Stockings

Colorful Christmas stockings with different patterns makes this puzzle slightly difficult for younger kids.
Free Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Template

Snowman Jigsaw Puzzle

Another puzzle with a bit high difficulty level but once you assemble the pieces, you will make an adorable snow man. šŸ™‚
Free printable Christmas Activity for kids

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